Deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian

These packages are thanks to Philippe Roussel, the author of SimpleAgenda.

Depending on your system and architecture you should add the respective repository:

Debian Wheezy i386
Debian Wheezy amd64
Ubuntu Precise i386
Ubuntu Precise amd64
Ubuntu Quantal i386
Ubuntu Quantal amd64
Ubuntu Raring amd64

For example for Debian Wheezy amd64:

deb ./

And after update the packages list you can install the package If you don't like the default look and feel, you can install the theme Silver, a more suited theme to other desktops (just unpack and copy the content at ~/GNUstep/Library/Themes at your home directory). Once installed run in a terminal:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSTheme Silver

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSAppOwnsMiniwindow NO

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSSuppressAppIcon YES